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Make Money Online

So you have heard the term “anchor text” but don’t know what it means.  Very simply put, is is any word or phrase when written on a website has a link leading to another page.

For example, when I tell you to click here, you click that highlighted term “click here” and it takes you to another page.  In this example, it takes you to .  


Hmm, What to Blog About…

Seen over at Make Money Online

Well, you got your blog up – Now what?  Start filling in that blank space – that’s what.  You based a blog on an interest that you have.  Start filling it up with your thoughts on the subject…that is really all there is to it. It can be hard to start writing though – you will get newbie block a lot (well, most of you anyway).  That is normal.  So what do you do about it?